Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yusupha, Yaya is not worth protecting

The former Deputy Ambassador of The Gambia to the United Kingdom, Yusupha Bojang six others of his former colleagues are presently in remand waiting to be sentenced tomorrow, Wednesday.

What struck everyone, even to the ordinary non-legal person is the huge quantity of loose tobacco product that Yusupha and the others were able to order uninterrupted and interfered with for three years. 

Deputy head of the Gambian Diplomatic Mission in Kensington, Yusupha Bojang, and his colleagues ordered 29 tonnes of rolling tobacco over three years.  They imported more than half a million 50g pouches at tax-free rates for personal or High Commission use and they are not smokers.

Speculation was rife throughout the trial, including this blog, that Yusupha Bojang is taking the bullet for his boss, Yaya Jammeh, and he is taking the rest of his co-defendants to the gallows. 

The after effect of the guilty verdict is beginning to reverberate.   According to sources in London, co-defendants and their relatives "are blaming Yusupha Bojang for their sloppy defence and there is talk of him lifting the lid so he can claim asylum after release."

We hope Yusupha Bojang will garner enough moral courage to step forward, however late in the day, to step forward and speak the truth.  Yaya Jammeh is not worth protecting.