Monday, December 22, 2014

Gambians need tax relief and not more taxes

For those contemplating building a house in Banjul or simply trying to keep your current house clean, tidy and attractive, it will cost you an arm and a leg.  Thank the regime of Yaya Jammeh for these high prices.  For example, 20 liter drum water paint will cost you D 1150 today.  In 2012, the same quantity of water paint was priced at D 450.   This trend is unsustainable.  Gambians need relief.

Meanwhile, while Gambia will be levying  D 1.00 tax on every liter of petrol you buy starting January 1, 2015, our neighbor Senegal has announced a CFA 100 per liter and CFA 102 reduction in the price of fuel and kerosene respectively.

Many consumers around the world have been experiencing a reduction in fuel prices at the pump because the world market price for a barrel of crude has dropped from $115 in June to $70 today but not in the Gambia where fuel prices keep going up and importers and suppliers keep pocketing bigger profits margins instead of providing relief to the consumer