Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Travel ban against Jammeh, Zainab, Seedy Njie our next target

Yaya Jammeh
Now that The Gambia has been taken off AGOA, the next focus of our attention will be to focus our campaign on getting a travel ban imposed on Jammeh and senior members of his administration.

Jammeh, his immediate family including his Moroccan wife, Zainab Jammeh should be banned from travelling to the United States and Western Europe.
Senior members of his cabinet including but not limited to the Interior Minister, Director of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and Director of Immigration should be included in the list of officials who should be refused travel privileges to the United States and Western Europe.

The ban should also include nominated Members of the National Assembly, Seedy Njie, Fabakary Tombomg Jatta and the Mayor of Kanifing.  

In addition to the travel ban, Jammeh's $3.5 million mansion in Potomac, Maryland will be targeted to have it revert to the Gambian people.  It was purchased by the limited resources of the Gambian people.