Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jammeh in Chad to procure the services of Tuareg fighters to fight the Gambia army

Tuareg fighter 

Idriss Deby of Chad
The Gambian president landed in the Chadian capital Tuesday in a plan bearing the Gambian colors, a Reuters witness said.  It is the first confirmed sighting of a desperate African dictator looking for a safe heaven while he tries to enter the Gambia, after gunfire erupted at his presidential palace known locally as State House.

Contrary to what local authorities in Banjul want the general public to believe, Yaya Jammeh, as at going to press, is not even in The Gambia much less Kanilai.

Our sources in Banjul are telling us that Senegal appears to have been reluctant to allow Jammeh to use its airspace but this cannot be independently verified.  What appears certain, however, is the cool reception the Gambian dictator has been receiving fro his colleagues in the region who have become increasingly unfriendly because of the disruptive character and nuisance Jammeh has become.  He is being seen as a threat to regional security.

This fear by regional leaders that Jammeh is a threat to regional peace and security seems to be on the verge of being proven to be a genuine one,

Our primary source in Banjul is quoting what he refers to as 'a capable source' that Jammeh is in N'Djamena to try to secure Tuareg fighters from Idriss Deby who was recently in Banjul on an official visit.  The source said and we quote "he is coming in with Tuaregs, on loan from Deby to take some names and kick ass."

Our source proceeded to warn that " if he (meaning Jammeh) is allowed to land, then he will kill everybody."  As most Gambians have now come to realize, our source said "he has now demonstrated that he does not trust his own people that are defending him."  "So if they are smart, our source opined,  they will not let that plane land!"

This is developing story as we trail the Jammeh plane across the region where Jammeh has very few friends.  STAY TUNED

As we were about to go to press, France 24 is reporting that "Jammeh is on his way back" which we assume will be towards Banjul.  We will continue to monitor the situation.