Wednesday, December 3, 2014

NOTICE : Regarding publication of the blog

We wish to inform our esteemed readers that due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot bring you the sidisanneh blog as regularly as you've grown accustomed to.  We hope you will bare with us.

Because we value your patronage, we will do our best to be back online as soon as we can while the latest news and analysis about The Gambia.  For instance,  a lot of international and local interests have been generated as a result of our reporting on the recent decision by Gambia's Yaya Jammeh to reactive the exploration contract after terminate it last January.

At the time, the press release from the Office of the President accused African Petroleum and Buried Hill Gambia B.V as partners and Onshore Lower River Oranto of speculation.  Well, things appear to have changed.  We well be delving into the matter, hopefully, soon.

The blockbuster D 2 billion Supplementary Appropriations Bill passed into law couple of weeks before the regular budget for 2015 is tabled before the National Assembly.  Infact the Finance Minister introduced it this week.   So we will be looking into it in detail and we will be following the deliberations and the budget debate keenly because it is resonating with the public.

In closing, we'd like to express again our sincere apologies to all of you for not being able to bring you the blog in its usual format.  We promise to do so soon.

Thank you for your understanding.  Just a reminder that you can follow my periodic postings on my Facebook page.