Wednesday, December 31, 2014

US and UN condemn Gambia coup attempt but warn Jammeh of atrocities against the population

The United States government, through its State Department, and the Office of the United Nations Secretary General have both issued statements condemning what is being described as "an attempt to seize power".  The State Department's statement condemned any use of "extra-constitutional means" of gaining political power.

Whereas both Statements "called on all parties to refrain from further violence", the United Nations went a step further, based on its recent experiences of the violent nature of the Jammeh regime, by referring to the Secretary General's encouragement for the Jammeh regime to the "establishment of a transparent investigation into the events of 30 December, in compliance with due process and respect for the rule of law."

In that regard, the UN Statement continued, " the Secretary General urges The Government of The Gambia and its security and defense forces to act in full respect for human rights.

Violence has become an integral part of the regime in Banjul and has deservedly earned the reputation of using extra-judicial killings and executions to instill fear in the hearts of Gambians.

The United Nations and the U.S. Government are probably aware of the fact that the armed forces loyal to the dictator immediately embarked on what they refer to as "mopping up operations" which is nothing more than random searches of compounds suspected of harboring remnants of those who attacked State House.

Innocent by-standers who have nothing to do with the incident, as well as army personnel will be targeted for removal extrajudicially using the events of 30 December as justified reason..  Others will be arrested, charged and railroaded through Jammeh's kangaroo courts manned by mercenary judges.