Sunday, December 28, 2014

Yaya Jammeh personally benefited from AGOA

No sooner did we publish our last blog post about AGOA than we received feedback from a source in Banjul informing us of that Yaya Jammeh's fishing company had benefited from AGOA.

Initially, the Gambian leader exported fish to the US market together with other prominent Gambian entrepreneurs, including a leading businesswoman and an ardent supporter.  Eventually, Jammeh used his immense powers "to drive many out of the business to almost the complete detriment of many small businesswomen" according to our source.

Kanilai Farm products have been found at a grocery store in the Takoma Park area in the State of Maryland, just outside Washington DC which is safe to assume must have been under AGOA.

This regime will readily distort and conceal facts, and if need be, will fabricate 'facts' to suit the circumstance.  To claim in an official press release that Gambia did not benefit from AGOA is both ungrateful and a behavior unbecoming a Head of State which explains why Jammeh doesn't enjoy our respect.

The women of The Gambia, one of Jammeh's most reliable constituent, have been shortchanged by Jammeh and his APRC ruling party for a very long time.  It is long overdue for Gambian women to switch their political allegiance.  Jammeh's interest is Yaya Jammeh and no one else.