Saturday, December 6, 2014

An Appeal for information on PetroGambia

We are soliciting information from our readers on PetroGambia.  It is an entity that is being described in petroleum industry as " a state company of the Government of The Gambia. 

PetroGambia and Venezuela's state oil firm PDVSA agreed to continue offshore exploration and production (E&P) activities  for oil and gas in The Gambia, a PDVSA official was quoted by BNamericas. 

According to a statement by PDVSA the two companies started offshore E&P in The Gambia  in July 2006 without specifying where in The Gambia the E&P was taking place. 

That was then and this is now.  African Petroleum's exploration contracts for Blocks A1 and A4 have suddenly been reinstated after Jammeh nullified them in January accusing the company of speculation.  AP filed for  arbitration in Washington DC which has apparently been withdrawn. 

The Gambia's petroleum sector is shredded in secrecy and it is being treated as the personal property of the Gambian dictator.  Any deposit of petroleum or any other resource within the borders of The Gabmbia belongs to the people of The Gambia.  It in this vein that we are appealing to Gambians and non-Gambians alike to help us shed light on this very murky world of Yays Jammeh.  

We are on Facebook and other social media platforms in case you have some information to share with us as we try to piece together this story.