Monday, January 12, 2015

Gambian dictator dials back his anti-American and anti-British rhetoric

Yaya Jammeh
Feeling the heat from the campaign against his regime diaspora opponents and the unfavorable international press coverage following the 30 December events that threatened his regime, Jammeh went on a rants that ranged from the genesis of the Ottoman Empire to how he's in love with the British and American people.

He assured his troops that he organized in a rally for them to show support and loyalty to him for quelling an armed attack on State House.   They assured him that they will be forever be loyal to him, and they are ready to shed their blood in defense of the dictator. Sadly, the Gambia Armed Forces said nothing about defending the country and people of The Gambia.

After a long and incoherent speech, Jammeh tried turning a new page on his unfriendly relations with Britain and the United States by assuring them that he loves the British and American peoples.  He tells his assembled troops at the rally that his problem is with Prime Minister David Cameroon and President Barack Obama.

He says he's a true Muslim and as such he cannot harbor ill-will against anyone.  All he's doing is trying to carry out the "will of the Almighty Allah" by opposing homosexuality which led to the passage of his now infamous "aggravated homosexuality" bill which he secretly signed into law last October.

Before his 'apology' to Britain for initially accusing  the government of David Cameroon of backing the attackers of State House because one of the accused is a resident of the United Kingdom, - which has been confirmed to be true - he addressed his troops at the 'loyalty rally' thus : " I will not change; I would rather die than support vices that will offend the Almighty Allah in the name of freedom. There is no freedom in criminal satanic attitudes" referring to homosexuality that is being encouraged in the Gambia, according to the dictator, by America, Britain and the rest of the West.