Thursday, January 1, 2015

GAMBIA: Civilians being rounded up, extrajudicial killings feared

Reports reaching us is that the Gambian dictator has ordered the rounding up of civilians following the 30 December incident which the Gambian president refers to as a "terror attack" and not a coup d'etat.
Fallen heroes - Jagne and Sanneh

Jammeh has warned Gambians and the international community yesterday that he will "deal with anyone implicated" in the incident.

He appears to be on the verge of carrying out the threats against the civilian population who are unarmed and have nothing to do with what Jammeh continues to describe as "a terror attack."

In the Secretary General of the United Nations statement issued following the events, the government was urged to refrain from further violence.  All indications are the UN advise is not being heeded by a regime that has a history of violence., Freedom online newspaper and  other online outlets are reporting the arrest and detention of the mother and brothers of the late Col. Lamin Sanneh who was reportedly killed during his attempt to seize the State House, the seat of Government.

Reports are also rife that four Gambians reported to have been involved in the 30 December incident have been captured in Guinea-Bissau by authorities there.

Attempts are being made through social media to alert the international community and human rights organizations of the possibility of them being handed over to the Gambian government by the Guinea-Bissau government, a close ally of the Gambian dictator.