Thursday, January 8, 2015

GAMBIA - Africa's North Korea : Introducing 'Kim Jong' Yaya Jammeh' to the rest of the world

Lt. Jammeh's first days in power
The First BIG LIE
"Treating an HIV/AIDS patient - most died
At one of numerous ceremonies wasting millions of dollars
Sultan Jammeh with  Mubarak

This functional illiterate, named Yaya Jammeh, has taken a once bastion of democracy to one of the most repressed in the world.  The Gambia has been under dictatorial rule since July 1994 during which period the country has witnessed its democratic institutions destroyed by a regime that values nothing that resembles democracy.  Health facilities lack the basic medicines, coupled with dysfunctional health system with no qualified staff, Gambian life expectancy has gone down drastically because of corrupt leadership.  Agricultural production is down and continues on its downward slide resulting in food shortages causing hunger and starvation.  The regime that inherited an open and growing economy, squandered it all by Jammeh and a few of his business cronies.  Gambians now want their country back from a group of corrupt, inept and violent bandits.     
Blessing army trucks with dictator's holy water