Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Former Gambia's CJ appointed Judge to the Appeal Court of Ghana

Justice Mabel Agyemang
Mahama, Justice Minister and Justices
Justice Mabel Agyemang who served as Gambia's first female Chief Justice until she was abruptly fired a few months into her tenure by an unsteady dictator who rules The Gambia with an iron fist was appointed a judge to Ghana's Court of Appeal by Ghana's president John Mahama.

Ironically, President Mahama paid a 3-hour visit to his "brother" and Gambia's dictator His Excellency Sheikh Alhaji Professor Dr. Yaya A.J.J.Jammeh following a December 30 attack by opponents of his regime who traveled a]from the U.S. and Europe to try and unseat his tyrannical regime.

The Ghanaian president's visit was in his capacity as Chairman of ECOWAS to reassure the Gambian dictator the regional organization's position of opposing extra-constitutional means of ascending to power.

There is no indication as to whether during Mahama's closed door session with the idiosyncratic leader he brought up Justice Agyemang's bizarre departure from Banjul.  Whether the Ghanaian leader did or not, his appointment of Justice Agyemang to the Appeals Court of Ghana is a slap in the face of the dictator who accused the highly respected Judge of theft - an accusation Yaya Jammeh never substantiated during his television appearance at the height of the fiasco when he claimed the Justice was taking refuge in an undisclosed foreign embassy in Banjul.