Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gay Gambian tortured, near death

Mr. Alieu Sarr, reportedly near death after torture
A Gambian youth (pictured here) named Alieu Sarr was among a group of young people rounded up last November accused of being gay by the security agents of the Gambian dictator.  Alieu Sarr is reported to be near death at Banjul's main referral hospital.

Yaya Jammeh's security elements have been patrolling the hotel and tourist resorts and arresting people who they identify as being gays and lesbians.

Among those arrested last November with Alieu Sarr were Morr Sowe and Kemo Sanyang.

According to reports, Alieu Sarr was severely torture for an extended period of time since his arrest.

As a result of the injuries sustained, he's was referred to the hospital's general ward before being transferred to a private ward, away from the preying eyes of patients and visitors.

Mr. Alieu Sarr was seen bleeding from the mouth, ears and nose that is consistent with someone suffering from internal bleeding.

Alieu Sarr's only crime is that the regime of Yaya Jammeh has determined that he's gay and thus must be exterminated in one method or another.

As we have indicated, the fate of Morr Sowe and Kemo Sanyang are unknown.  They may have already been killed by the vicious regime of Yaya Jammeh for all we know.  The world must act to stop the madness in The Gambia.