Friday, January 9, 2015

Gambia: Civilian victims of mass arrests, plight of Dawda Bojang's family

Fatou Sonko, 51 and Baby Fafa Bojang (18 months)
Ensa Bojang 61, Dawda Bojang's father

Gambia's Foreign Minister, Neneh MacDouall-Gaye went on government-controlled radio and television to describe, in vivid terms, how the Gambian dictator's "gallant soldiers" engaged Dawda Bojang, a diaspora Freedom Fighter, around the Royal Victoria Hospital.

The newly-appointment Minister announced his death.  A day later, the regime decided that the elaborate account provided less than 24 hours earlier by Neneh MacDouall-Gaye was incorrect.  They listed Dawda Bojang as an 'escapee' of the 30 December events at the State House.
Neneh Jobe, wife of Dawda Bojang

Alive or dead, Dawda Bojang left behind a wife, Neneh Jobe, who's in the military, a father Ensa Bojang, aged 61, a mother, Fatou Sonko, aged 51, a son, Fafa Bojang, aged 18 months, Fafa Bojang, named after Dawda's childhood friend named Fafa Jallow.  The family is from Mbankan village in the North Bank Division of The Gambia.  

All of the above listed family members of Dawda Bojang's family, except the baby, have been arrested and are presently held at the notorious National Intelligence Agency's (NIA) headquarters on Marina Parade where the regime's torture chambers are located.
Dawda Bojang

Baby Fafa Bojang is being looked after by neighbors since all of the adults in the Bojang compound have been rounded up, including  Fafa Jallow, Dawda's childhood friend, is also among those detained and most likely being tortured by a very violent regime.

We are drawing the attention of Amnesty International, other human rights organizations, the government of the United State, United Kingdom and member of the European Union to the fact that numerous families similar to Dawda Bojang's have been rounded-up and a re being held in incommunicado  in various detention-cum-torture centers around the country.  We are also urging the regime of Yaya Jammeh to release all detainees unconditionally.
Fafa Jallow, Dawda's childhood friend

We thank our source in Banjul for providing the photos and detail's of Dawda Bojang's family members.  We assure all families that we will continue to monitor the situation as closely as humanly possible.  Meanwhile, we encourage you to provide us with information about the plights of innocent civilians who have fallen prey of a violent regime.