Saturday, January 3, 2015

GAMBIA: Civilian arrests continue

The dictatorship of Yaya Jammeh continues to conduct compound-to-compound searches for what a paranoid regime labeled as "supporters of terrorists who attacked State House."

As was feared following the events of 30 December, Jammeh is on a rampage, unleashing his repressive intelligence machine on the civilian population.

Relatives, friends and even simple acquaintances of those involved are being arrested and loaded on unmarked vehicles.  Where some of these potential victims are being taken to is unknown which only increases the speculations that some will be killed and tortured.

Unleashing violence and terror against defenseless civilians is a routine method employed by Jammeh to keep terrified Gambians in check.

Jammeh was not seen in public since the 30 December.  He intends to show the international community that has been increasingly critical of his rein of terror against his own military as well as the civilian population by organizing a solidarity rally on Monday.   Since these rallies are less popular now with fewer participants, transport and other forms of enticement have been used in the recent past to improve on the numbers of attendees.

We, at, are encouraging our readers to ask parents, relatives, friends and other family members to stay home and not join the rally.  A regime that kills, murders, imprisons and exiles its own citizens does not deserve to be celebrated.  You should instead be demanding that he releases the bodies of those he killed on 30 December.