Wednesday, July 1, 2015

We are frustrated !!

O.J and Ousainou Darboe
Supporters of the United Democratic Party (UDP), at least those active in the online radio circuit, are quick to remind anyone who cares to listen that they are the biggest opposition party, and they are right.

We did not stop at acknowledging an obvious fact because it adds nothing to the debate.  We took it a step further by proposing that Ousainou Darboe and Omar Jallow (O.J.) come together for the purpose of forming a union of two opposition parties "in anticipation of the inevitable", as we put it back on the 22nd September 2013.

In the same blog post entitled "UDP and PPP must now look inward", the euphoric opening paragraph reflects the mood of the day following, what many considered to be, a successful meeting of opposition leaders in Raleigh.  We opined at the time, with glee, the inevitability of a regime change because of the apparent coming together of the parties.

It has been approximately two years since the idea of getting the two parties together was first mooted.  So, we were surprised at a lame attempt by an opposition supporter expressing disappointment that the idea of getting the UDP and the PPP form a unified opposition; and they must support the idea unequivocally and unconditionally.

We must point out that the PPP has made such an unequivocal and unconditional statement.  All what we get from the UDP to date is deafening silence.  It is our view that leadership expected of the UDP has been wanting, especially from the biggest single opposition party.

To list the reasons why we need a United Front would be a redundant exercise because most, if not all, Gambians recognize that political infrastructure Jammeh has built cannot be defeated by any single opposition party.  It will take a collective effort.

The continued inaction of the opposition and what appears to be a refusal to listen to calls from the exile and dissident communities abroad has taken its toll to a breaking point.  Some of us cannot help but feel that we are being treated with contempt that we do not deserve.

We at are ready to call it a day.  In fact, we already had called it quits on our Facebook post today.  However, after consulting with a senior and highly regarded member of the opposition, we have decided to give whatever process is currently place some time, but as the same member said "this time, it will be weeks, not months" for the opposition to get its act together.   We are frustrated.