Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Former junta spokesman takes credit for prisoner pardons, says source

Ebou Jallow 
The erstwhile spokesman of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council's (AFPRC), Ebou Jallow, is taking credit for the prisoner pardons issued by Yaya Jammeh in conjunction with the 21st Anniversary celebrations of the illegal coup d'etat that ousted Sir Dawda Jawara and his government from power, according to our source.

The former spokesperson who fell from grace with the AFPRC over claims that he fled with $ 3 million that was meant for Jammeh is quoted by friends that he is now advising Jammeh on how to gain the political support of the dissident communities abroad, especially those resident in the United States.

Mr. Jallow has been recently "pardoned" by Jammeh - a rapprochement reportedly brokered by staff of the Gambian Embassy in Washington attempted several years ago to mend fences with Jammeh without much success.  Also pardoned at the same period was Mr. Samsudeen Sarr, a former colonel in the Gambian army.  Mr. Sarr is reportedly now a Deputy Mission Chief at the Gambia's  United Nations Mission.

Families of prominent members of the exiled community abroad are being earmarked for a visit by a regime's delegation to apply pressure on dissidents abroad.  The delegation to visit parents and relatives of diaspora opponents of the regime is being led by Lamin Kaba Bajo whom Ebou Jallow claims he recommended to Jammeh to head the campaign.

Insinuations have been made in the recent past about some prominent members of the exile community opposed to the regime are about to be "pardoned" which led to some acrimonious reaction and vehement denials from one of Jammeh's ferocious, dependable and reliable foes. ...

This is a developing story