Saturday, July 4, 2015

How many Lama Jallows are among the 85 'pardoned' prisoners?

The late Lama Jallow
Lama Jallow died last week in Mile II prisons, and his body handed over to the family for burial and yet his name was among the 85 prisoners pardoned by the Gambian dictator.
This, according to Ahmad Gitteh who was Mr. Jallow's neighbor for ten years.

Mile II is a prison recognized as one of the world's worst.

Mr. Gitteh further revealed in his Facebook page that Lama Jallow died under mysterious circumstances.  And in a country where autopsies are rarely performed on bodies of dead prisoners or others under the custody of the brutal security forces of the dictatorship, he was buried with the secretes of what killed him.

Despite being dead and buried last week, Lama Jallow's name was among the 85 prisoners 'pardoned' by the Gambian dictator.

"Most of those are in their youth sand hence His Excellency's intent to foster their rehabilitation into self reliant and law abiding citizens" according to the news relayed on state-controlled television.  How can a dead and buried man rehabilitated into self-reliant and law abiding?  By including his name in the list of the released,  Jammeh has one less human life wasted that he has to account for.

How many more Lama Jallows are among the list of 85 prisoners?  The list will be closely studied to see if there are anymore "ghosts" prisoners on the list who have died before the list was released yesterday but are nonetheless listed as pardoned inmates.