Friday, July 31, 2015

Prisoner pardon will not save Yaya Jammeh from prosecution says Amnesty International-Senegal

Seydi Gassama, Amnesty International - Senegal
The pardoning of a Senegalese death row inmate by the Gambian dictator, Yaya Jammeh will not save him from being prosecuted once he leaves office,  Mr, Seydi Gassama, Amnesty International - Senegal was quoted as saying.

Mr. Gassama, who heads Amnesty International - Senegal, asserted that the "international isolation of Jammeh is almost total" and that "pardoning prisoners will not save him from prosecution once he leaves office."

While welcoming the release of these prisoners, the Head of Amnesty International - Senegal, Mr. Gassama calls on ECOWAS, African Union and the international community to continue to apply the pressure on Jammeh,  According to Mr. Gassama, it is because of the international sanctions against the regime of Yaya Jammeh that the Gambian economy is being asphyxiated.

It is interesting to note that Mr. Gassama recognizes the important role that the diaspora Gambian communities is playing in the fight against an extremely vile regime that preys on the innocent and defenseless civilian population by suggesting that they will not rest until Jammeh is thrown out of office.  He characterized the Jammeh regime as "that was based on assassinations, forced disappearances.  People have been shot" he concluded.

The Amnesty International - Senegal boss suggested that as long as unjust laws exist in The Gambia that makes it possible to jail journalists, members of civil society among others, the prisons will be full to capacity before the end of the year.

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