Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Miss July 22nd was prisoner in her own compound

Landing Jammeh - The Taxi Man 
Landing Jammeh after grocery shopping for Fatou

Landing Jammeh, brother to the Gambian dictator is an accessory to holding Fatou Jallow against her will for several months.

At the direction of Jammeh, an armed military personnel was posted at the living quarters of the former Miss July 22nd beauty queen, separating her from her parents section of the compound thus denying them access to their daughter.

She was rendered a prisoner in her own Old Yundum compound where visitors were turned away.

Landing Jammeh was permanently assigned to drive Fatou Jallow around town to shop and to visit State House whenever Jammeh desires to see the young girl. Apart from serving as driver, Landing ensured that no one has access to the young lady's room by the security measures he employed at the direction of Yaya Jammeh.

As we reported yesterday, the police story that Fatou Jallow was last seen driven off in a taxi is a fabrication by the police.  The young lady was never allowed to ride in a taxi, and her access to the outside world, including access to her own parents, was severely restricted.

We wonder how many Miss. July 22nd winners and other beauty pageant queens have been abused in the way and manner that Fatou Jallow was sexually abused over several months in captivity by a regime that preys on young girls in such humiliating and criminal manner.  

Jammeh is not the owner culprit.  His regime has systematically used this, and similar type of sexual abuse and enslavement of young girls of some cabinet ministers, particularly the Minister of Interior.

We will continue to follow this and similar stories as and when time allows.....  Developing