Monday, July 6, 2015

The case of Fatou Jallow and the "taxi driver"

Landing Jammeh

Brusubi luxury villas

The police have opened up a case file for Fatou Jallow who cannot be accounted for by the police.  Ms. Jallow was the crowned Miss 22nd July in 2014.   In trying to obscure the facts to protect Jammeh who preys on young and under-age girls, the police is concocting spurious charges against family and friends of Fatou Jallow.

The police is alleging that Fatou Jallow went to the market and never returned.  She was last seen, according to the police, being driven in a taxi.  Perhaps the police should ask Landing Jammeh, a brother to Yaya Jammeh, who has been the driver assigned to transporting Fatou Jallow to and from her residence in Old Yundum to State House.

Fatou Jallow was a student at the Gambia College.  Her fiance was also a student who had to abandon his education after he was so severely beaten by members of the Jammeh security forces that he had to flee to a neighboring country, weeks before Fatou's "disappearance". Developing...