Wednesday, July 8, 2015

National Assembly members cannot defend electoral reform vote in Assembly resort to insults

Alhagie Sillah, National Assembly Member for Banjul North 
Alhagie Sillah, a member of the rubber-stamp National Assembly, was one of it's members who resorted to insulting the mother of a FatouRadio presenter in the person of MamaLinguere Sarr for simply asking the parliamentarian - a title we are using grudgingly - to defend his vote in favor of the so-called electoral reform bill.

He justified his vote in support of the bill by saying in the vernacular that he was not the only who voted for the bill, followed by insults.  

All of the ruling party members obviously voted for one of the most sinister bills to ever pass the National Assembly, yet not a single one is competent to provide any comprehensible response to their vote that is against the interest of both the opposition as well as future candidates of the ruling party.

Babou Gaye Sonko, nominated member and youth mobilizer of the ruling party views all those who oppose the bill are "enemies of the state".

One common thread runs through all of these half-baked MPs is defensiveness of their responses to simple and straightforward questions  They all refuse to respond to any question relating to their functions as representatives of the people.

Alhagie Sillah, National Assembly Member, representing Banjul North who resorted to vile behavior by insulting the online radio host who was demanding from her representatives in the National Assembly is a depiction of the low caliber of membership of a once august Assembly.  These are the lowest of the low that Jammeh has assembled to represent Gambians.  Shame on them.