Monday, January 11, 2016

Speak up or forever hold your peace, Father Edward Gomez has spoken

Father Edward Gomez spoke in Wollof, one of the local vernaculars, to warn against the proclamation by Yaya Jammeh, the Gambia dictator, that the country is now an Islamic State.

The proclamation came, in the words of the respected and highly influential news magazine, The Economist, came with no forewarning, and seemingly on a whim.  It is on the whim of an idiosyncratic and highly unstable man because he found it necessary to issue a clarification of the 'head tie' barely 24 hours after issuing his executive order.

Father Edward Gomez is warning Gambians of all faiths, especially the leaders of the Muslim as well as the Christian communities, not to entertain measures designed to divide a country that enjoyed peaceful co-existence between faiths.

The Catholic priest referenced a popular song of an equally popular local Mandinka Kora player "Kang Killing" (meaning one language/one people) and reminded Gambians that The Gambia is One Nation and we MUST not stand and watch while the country is being destroyed.

We, at, are adding our voice to that of Father Edward Gomez, by opposing Yaya Jammeh ill-conceived and half-baked idea of declaring The Gambia an Islamic State - a concept that is unconstitutional and must, therefore, be opposed by every true Gambian.

We salute father Edward Gomez and urge individual members of the Supreme Islamic Council, Members of the Banjul Muslim Community, The Gambia Christian Council to step up to the plate and speak up or forever hold your peace.