Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Police storm Damfaye village, Karamba Touray's brother and School Chairman taken into custody

Principal of Damfaye Basic, Lamin Camara 
Two truckloads of police officers stormed the village of Damfaye in the CRR and took Karamba Touray’s brother and the Chairman of the school for questioning at Bansang Police Station in connection with the case before the court relating to materials donated by Mr. Touray and other Gambians living in the United States and others for a school project.
After they took the two, the police then proceeded to interrogate the village Alkalo, teachers and other villagers ostensibly to determine how the materials were distributed.   

They then went to the school and took pictures of the materials that were stored there like computers, furniture, books, construction materials, solar systems, generators etc. These items were all part of the container that Mr. Touray and others shipped to Banjul for a building they are helping the school with.  

Lamin Camara, who is currently on bail was present while the police went on a rampage as they try to intimidate the villagers into submission as a sinister attempt to frame Lamin Camara,  the Principal of Damfaye Basic School, who’s scheduled to be in the Bansang Magistrate Court tomorrow, Wednesday the 13th January.

As we promised our readers, we will continue to monitor the situation and to report as events unfold in this case that also involved Police Sergeant 844 Bayo who stopped Mr. Camara as a police check point and demanded a D 3,000 bribe.