Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jammeh backtracks on the head tie dress code

Many Gambian female civil servants breathe a sigh of relief when Jammeh abruptly rescinded his
Mrs. Jammeh 
week-old executive order that directed the use of head ties to cover their heads.

The furious and swift reactions from Church leaders at home and dissident activists in America and Europe led to the change of heart.  
Gambia's First Lady, a Moroccan jet setter with insatiable taste for designer cloths is said to be an unexpected ally of opponents of the dress code that her husband wanted to impose on female civil servants.

Since head ties are not part of her fashion accessories, she therefore opposed the idea and evidently prevailed on her husband, according to a source who proceeded to add that "we will take it (referring to the decision to rescind) where the support is coming from, even from the devil."

The regime's spokesperson responding to the avalanche of international criticism of Jammeh's decision to drag the Gambia into the unknown made a curious admission that the new dress code had "more to do with [the dictator's] social re-engineering crusade than religion".  When you dabble in religion, you are toying with the social fabric of a community and society.  The two are inextricable linked.  So, please stay away.  

Social engineering experiments conducted by dictators have, throughout history, resulted in genocide that is inevitably traced to politicians who were dictators like Yaya Jammeh, blinded by their thirst for more political power.  The social engineering techniques they employ usually end up in the worst forms of human rights abuses, including genocide.  

The Jews, Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats come to mind.  We urge Jammeh and his Communication Minister to stay clear of promoting a concept that has, throughout history, produced nothing but heinous crimes against humanity.

Leave well enough alone is our unsolicited advise to the Gambia dictator and his Communication Minister.  Gambians do not want to be re-engineered, certainly not from a clueless dictator like Yaya Jammeh.