Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sergeant 844 Bayo should be the one on trial for corruption and abuse of office, not Lamin Camara

Principal, Damfaye Basic School

Sgt. 844 Bayo and his hand-written note

The legal case of Lamin Camara, Principal of Damfaye Basic School has been adjourned and scheduled to resume on Wednesday, the 13th January at the Bansang Magistrate Court.

The school principal was initially charged with false publication and broadcasting, later amended to include a libel charge for "exposing a police officer on the internet." The "exposed" officer is the one shown here, named Sgt.844 Bayo of the Kaur police station who demanded a bribe of D 3,000 (approx. US$ 66 ) - equivalent to twice his monthly salary - from the school principal for escorting donated materials from Gambians resident in the United States for Damfaye School, their alma mater. The materials are gifts to the school and not the personal property of Mr. Camara.

Mr. Camara now stands charged with false publication and broadcasting for a story that appeared on the sidisanneh, which you can find here, and not at  For the record, such site does not exist as at the date and time of publishing this blog post.

Yaya Jammeh and his security forces are notoriously corrupt, crafty and fond of fabrication of evidence and known for concocting charges against innocent Gambians.  Lamin Camara is one such victim who could not have published nor broadcast a blog post that was written and published by this blogger.

The libel charge is equally preposterous.  How can Mr. Lamin Camara libel Sgt. 844 Bayo when it was the author of the blog post in question who also reported on the unsavory character named Sergeant 844 Bayo who preys on drivers plying the Kaur road, and ordinary citizens who are always being forced to part with their money and valuable personal articles.  He is a predator who should be charged with corruption and abuse of office - the signature charge of Jammeh's regime.

We will continue to monitor the case.  Our next installment will look at the disgraceful performance of the first prosecution witness (PW1) who must have suffered from instant amnesia.

Here is a synopsis of the cross examination signaling what's in store in subsequent court proceedings:-

When Lamin Camara who was acting as his own legal counsel asked PW1 "how many days did I spend with you at Bansang police station? I can't recall. "When was I taken to Janjangburay remand and how? His response? "I can't respond even though I escorted you."  When was my case mentioned at Brikamaba Magistrate's Court?" He responded in his characteristic style "I am the one that escorted you to Brikamaba court but I can't recall."  Maybe at the 13th January proceedings the Magistrate should bring back this moron and ask him his name.  I bet you, he will not be able to recall his name.