Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Principal of Damfaye School is innocent

Lamin Camara - Head Master
It is absurd to accuse an innocent man whose only crime is to dedicate his entire professional life in the service of Gambian children as qualified teacher, who, according to sources, have chosen to stay in The Gambia to teach rather than migrate to Europe or the United States when he had the opportunity.

Our advise to the regime is:  Free an innocent man so that he can go back to his classroom and look after our kids and grand kids.

Lamin Camara, the principal of Damfaye was in Banjul to collect project material sent by well-meaning and caring Gambians living in the United States to complete a project at Damfaye School.

We do not know Lamin Camara and have never communicated with him.  Therefore, he could not have provided information at any time to the Sidi Sanneh Blog - - or to anyone associated with the Blog.  The charges against Lamin Camara are trumped up which should be dropped.

We will refrain from going beyond the disclaimer and our original story that you can access here. What we can say at this point is this case exposes the level of corruption and how deep the scourge have become, permeating the entire police and security forces.

The system put in place by Yaya Jammeh - Sgt. Bayo is a former Green Boy - is corrupt to the core. Sergeant 844 Bayo who patrol the Kaur vicinity is known to be notoriously corrupt who demand bribes from drivers, passengers and poor farmers. We will have more to say about these criminals who pose as law enforcement officers.    FREE LAMIN CAMARA