Monday, January 18, 2016

Radio journalist, Alhagie Ceesay, is gravely ill in Mile II prison, according to family source

Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay

The Managing Director of Teranga Radio and journalist, Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay,who has been denied bail for a bailable offence, in spite of the fact that the charges against him are trumped-up, is still being held at the remand wing of the notorious Mile II prisons.

According to family sources, Mr. Ceesay is seriously ill with "enlarged liver and has difficulty eating."  He needs immediate medical attention. His ability to move appears to have been severely restricted also because, according to a family source, "he can sit for an hour without moving."

The radio journalist's Teranga Radio has also fallen on hard times, with mounting electricity bills and dwindling advertising revenue. According to the same family source, advertisers are distancing themselves from the station for fear of reprisals from a very vengeful regime that does not only deprive you of your freedom but tortures you in the process while attempting to render you destitute.

Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay is an innocent man and should, therefore, be set free to return to his family and loved ones.  This young man does not deserve to be treated in such an inhumane and illegal way. He's done nothing wrong.