Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Russia congratulates President-elect Barrow of The Gambia

Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation 
Sources who follow developments in Russia have informed us that the Russian Federation President, Vladimir Putin has sent a congratulatory letter to President-elect Adama Barrow on his defeat of the outgoing leader Jammeh at the December 1st presidential elections.

Mr. Putin expressed his country's desire to further develop the friendship and cooperation that traditionally exist between Russia and The Gambia, and wished President-elect good health and success in all his endeavors as Head of State.

The elections were won handily by Adama Barrow by 43% to 40% for Jammeh.
However, after graciously but unexpectedly conceded defeat and promised the incoming president a smooth transition of power, Jammeh reneged on his promise after few days, claiming that the outcome was rigged and demanded fresh elections to be held at an unspecified date.

The ensuing uncertainly and the political tension that was generated as a result resonated beyond Gambia's border. The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously denouncing Jammeh's actions and recognizing the government of President-elect Adama Barrow.  Russia's support of the resolution implied recognition of the incoming Barrow administration.

With the entire European Union membership in support and recognition of President-elect as the choice of the Gambian People, in addition to the United States, ECOWAS and AU, the isolation of Yaya Jammeh and his handful of renegades soldiers is complete.

It is hoped that the ECOWAS fact finding mission's December 17th visit will convince Jammeh to step down immediately so that the transition to a new government can take place without further delay.