Sunday, December 11, 2016

Disappearances and not arrests are the most likely method Jammeh will employ

Jammeh on television nullifying election results
Disappearances and not arrests of the supporters of the President-elect and those who were publicly displaying endorsement of the outcome of the presidential elections have become Jammeh's real target.

According to sources, Jammeh will not arrest his opponents for fear of mass demonstrations that can bring down a regime that is already on the ropes but will lure victims to desolate areas where they will make them disappear.

Disappearances of opponents, including prominent ones are to be expected. Receiving telephone calls from persons posing as friends, acquaintances or as persons of authority asking potential victims to meet at rendez-vous points must be avoided.

Yankuba Badgie, the Director General of the notorious National Intelligence Agency has spent days immediately preceding the announcement of the election results compiling a video library of APRC members, supporters and former sympathizers of Jammeh who have been identified as targets, many of them in the Greater Banjul Area.  Prominent supporters in the Kombos are also prime targets.

Jammeh made reference to those who were "green" (his party's colors) who suddenly turned "yellow" (UDP colors) and at another occasion promised to "deal with the Banjul residence" for voting for Adama Barrow.  Those who fit this category of voters and were out in the streets jubilating in the days following Barrow's win are highly susceptible to Jammeh's adventurism.

And unless he is captured or forced into exile, he will continue to pose the imminent threat to the state that seems to be lost in the political jockeying for power that seems to be going on in Banjul. Ignore the imminent danger Jammeh poses at your own peril.