Monday, December 26, 2016

Jammeh's mother fails to convince son to step down

Yaya Jammeh 
Mrs. Asombi Bojang, mother of Yaya Jammeh, has failed to convince her suicidal son to step down from the presidency to make way for the newly elected President of the Republic, Adama Barrow.

She reportedly told her son to stop dishing out huge sums of money to marabouts and fortune tellers who are only interested in fleecing him. According to the same source, Jammeh was told that his time was up and should accept the will of the Gambian people who have selected Adama Barrow as their new leader.

Jammeh's mother was accompanied to State House by a delegation comprising of family members and close relatives of the Gambian dictator who suffered a stunning defeat at the hands of a real estate developer and a relative newcomer to presidential politics.

After initially conceding defeat to a chorus of praise from around the world, Jammeh had a change of heart a few days later by astoundingly claiming that the elections were rigged by an Independent Electoral Commission whose members were handpicked and appointed by Mr. Jammeh.

International reaction was swift in condemning what was seen not only as a blatant power grab but a flagrant violation of the sanctity of the vote.  Jammeh's decision prompted ECOWAS to convene a summit meeting to resolve to all actions necessary to install Mr. Adama Barrow on the 19th January 2017 as the legitimate President of the Republic.

ECOWAS forces have started to mobilize under the command of  Senegal and will have the full authority and backing of the international community to dislodge Jammeh from State House and install Adama Barrow as Gambia's third president.

The man who decreed to be referred to as His Excellency Professor Doctor Alhagie Yaya A.J.J.Jammeh Babilimansa is suddenly coming to terms that come 18th January he will no longer be recognized as the legitimate president of a country he ruled with an iron fist for 22 years.  The experience is devastating and for someone as proud and commanding as Jammeh, the defeat has left him humiliated and hopelessly powerless.  He has refused all appeals from ECOWAS Heads of State as well as leaders and international organizations around the world to step down.

A source close to the Jammeh family has indicated that relatives of the outgoing president will continue their efforts to convince him to step down peacefully to allow for a smooth transition of power to the incoming Gambian President.