Thursday, December 1, 2016

Jammeh on verge of losing the elections bid for a 5th term as president

Chairman of IEC, Alieu Mamar Njie 
Yaya Jammeh is on the verge of losing his bid for a 5th term as president of The Republic of The Gambia based on accounts of our sources. And Jammeh knows he's losing.  

Polls have closed in the Gambia some eight hours ago and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has only manage to release results in only 9 of 53 constituencies. At this rate, it will take 3 more days to get all the constituencies counted and announced to the public.

It must be noted that the remaining constituencies in the urban and peri-urban areas of the country are the biggest with roughly about 40% of the entire voting population.

We have reported earlier this evening that the Chairman of the IEC is under tremendous pressure from the Gambian dictator with constant phone calls to him which he takes in his private office.

What is being said to him is unclear.  What is clear is that Jammeh feels humiliated that the results released thus far are embarrassingly low for a dictator who has outspent the opposition by 50:1 if not more.   Those close to the State House have disclosed that he feels personally "insulted" by the people of the capital city of Banjul by resoundingly voting for Adama Barrow and has promised, according to the same source, "to deal with Banjulians".  But first, he must deal with the electoral onslaught that Gambians are witnessing.

Jammeh must have seen the writing on the wall because he quietly evacuated his Moroccan wife and children on a commercial flight to France via Brussels which suggests that the decision was abrupt after gauging the Mrs. Zainab Jammeh never travels commercial.  Charter flight is her preference, There is also usual movement of state-owned assets that suggests that Jammeh is prepared to make a major move.  We will continue to monitor developments.

Of the nine constituencies that has been announced, the opposition Coalition candidate won 4 of the 9 or 46% of the vote for 35% for Jammeh and Mamma Kandeh with 19%.  

The trend line favors Adama Barrow and many observers of Gambian politics will agree that Jammeh has lost his 5th attempt at being president.  He must prepare to hand over power peacefully to Adama Barrow.

Up-Dates :  We will continue to follow developments and report as and when new information of significance emerges.