Thursday, December 1, 2016

Adama Barrow expected to trounce Jammeh in Brikama, army is expected to move into the town

Expecting a huge margin of victory for Adama Barrow of the opposition Coalition in Brikama, the military command has decided to deploy armed military personnel in and around the town.  A huge military presence can also be seen in the IEC office complex.

Barrow's margin of victory is expected to be huge given the fact that he filled three ballot boxes in a town that has a combined vote total of over 60,000 registered voters of Brikama North and Brikama South Constituencies.  It is believed that there will be some trouble if Adama Barrow is declared the winner.

Meanwhile, preparations are already on the way in Banjul to celebrate the victory of Barrow over Jammeh.  By contrast, the Ministers and other high government officials invited to what was expected to be a celebratory event slowly turned into somber mood as it start to become evident that the dictator has been rejected by the very country he was determined to rule for a billion years.

Up-Date :  We will continue to stay on Yaya Jammeh's case for as long as it takes. My promise to my children and grandchildren and to my readers as well