Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The true character of Jammeh's regime exposed

The thuggery displayed in Washington DC over the past couple of days by the official delegation of Yaya Jammeh to the U.S - Africa Leaders Summit marks the end of the international community's continued pretension that ignoring the Gambian problem will go away.

Unconfirmed reports have it that Jammeh was heard in his hotel lobby giving instructions to his security details to attack Gambian dissident protesters who have successfully barred him from attending most of the events of this very important Summit of Africa's heads of State - a first in U.S history.   If confirmed, Jammeh's person is protected by his own immunity.  Those without immunity, which includes Jammeh's entire security detail who are nothing but a group of illerate thugs, US law may delay their departure from the United States.

The assault on Fatou Camara, a Gambian journalist who, until a few months ago, was Yaya Jammeh's Press Director is the second in two days.  She was chased by the same thugs who pose as security of the Gambian dictator.  She escaped narrowly yesterday only to be attacked today by the same group of thugs from the Jammeh security entourage.  The assault resulted in the journalist being taken to the hospital with wounds to unspecified parts of her body.  The gravity of the infliction is also unknown at this point but serious enough to warrant an ambulance that transported her to a local hospital.  It is reported that Pierre Minter, former Youth Mobilizer of Jammeh's APRC has been taking in by the District police for questioning.
Pierre Minteh taken in for questioning

The run-in with Jammeh has been brewing since Fatou Camara and a group of dissident protesters arrived in Washington DC on Tuesday to express their opposition of a very brutal and highly corrupt regime.   Reminiscent of a similar but smaller protests which took place at last year's United Nations General Assembly which prevented Jammeh from attending his sides meetings because the entrance of his hotel was blocked by a handful of dissidents, the protests that have been taking place in Washington are larger, more organized and highly vocal.  The protests have already taken their toll on the image of the Gambia by successfully preventing Jammeh from attending the Business Forum, the Heads of States Round Table and many of events organized around The Summit.

A FatuRadio presenter and Security Specialist, Sam Phatey has reported that a Washington DC policeman has been another victim of the Jammeh thugs.  It is alleged that the DC officer assaulted by members of the Jammeh security elements which can only add to an already precarious criminal liability of the entire security detail that accompanied Jammeh.

Security and police presence in and around Jammeh's hotel as we write is further tarnishment of a regime that has relied on brute force for all these years.   of and Jammeh has been going on this morning when the Gambian dictator personally requested that the journalist be thrown out of the conference.  According to reports, Jammeh felt threatened by the presence of Fatou which precipitated his demand to the Security Service to eject the journalist from the conference hall.

This is a developing story that has serious political implications.  Stay tuned.