Friday, August 29, 2014

Brikama clubs deny nominating Lamin Kaba Bajo

The report by the Daily Observer that Lamin Kaba Bajo, former Minister and latterly Ambassador to Morocco, has been nominated by all seven regional Football Associations (except Lower River) to head the Gambia Football Association (GFF) has been denied by Brikama United and Bombada FC.
Kebbeh and Star Janneh

Buba Star Janneh, president of the Bombada FC is quoted denying that his club ever nominated the former Minister who is generally known as a political hack and an AFRC member and apologist.  All his professional life revolved around the dictatorship, moving intermittently from one ministerial post to another in perpetual servitude.

Mr. Janneh also denied that Lamin Kaba Bajo was ever, neither is he currently, Vice President of the Brikama-based Bombada FC.

Alhagie S. Darboe, Secretary General of Brikama United also denied that his club nominated Kaba Bajo.  In denying the nomination, an observation was attributed to Mr. Darboe who said that Mr. Bajo was seen at a recent football activity where he looked odd because he is not a football enthusiast.  He knows nothing about football.

The Daily Observer's apparent false claims which were attributable to "sources close to Kaba Bajo" and being denied by both Star Janneh of Bombada FC's Star Janneh and Brikama United's Darboe should be investigated by the Normalization Committee.
Lamin Kaba Bajo

Kaba Bajo has never played nor officiated league football.  He is not an ardent fan of the game and thus is ignorant of the rules of the game.

Mr. Bajo is being brought into the game simply to politicize it for the benefit of the dictatorship that increasingly see the game as a vehicle through which the regime can control and influence the Gambian youth.

To this regime, winning championships abroad is the surest way of scoring propaganda points at home, even if it means cheating as we have seen in the U-17 World Championships.