Monday, August 18, 2014


Fafanding Fatajo
The regime's hammer came down hard on ten highly trained and experienced agriculturists whose expertise are needed in an agriculture-based economy.

In July this year, Fafanding Fatajo the Project Manager of FASDEP, Lamin Fatajo Project Coordinator of Rural Finance, Foday Jadama, Regional Director and seven other officers were arrested, dismissed from their jobs and placed in cells for a variety of unsubstantiated allegations.

It is now over 35 days since they have been arrested without charge or bail.   What is so extraordinary about these officials is that some of them are seconded officials from government to United Nations agencies operating in The Gambia.

Kutuba Sanyang, Project Coordinator of the Cowpea project,  Dr. Saikou Sanyang, the Regional Director of the North Bank were also among the ten arrested.

The Gambia is currently faced with serious problems and the agriculture sector is no exception.  The 2014 season is off to a bad start and the agriculture is no exception.  Food deficits have become a permanent fixture because of poor agricultural policies, although inadequate rains has also contributed to the problem.

These officials must be released or charged and taken to court. Their freedom cannot be denied because it is wish of the dictatorship.