Thursday, August 7, 2014

UPDATE : Pierre Minteh declared persona non grata, Jammeh's hotel still treated as crime scene

As we post this blog, Hay Adams Hotel, one of the most prestigious addresses in the world, is still treated as a crime scene, closed to the public with barricades all around the magnificent building. And you think that's good for the image and the business of the hotel?

These pictures were taken Thursday August 7th at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard US time, and somewhere inside that massive hotel building situated across the White House is Yaya Jammeh, prevented from going out because of a group of protesters.

The richest and the most powerful individuals around the world use the Hay Adams as their Washington DC address.  Most of the current occupants have chosen to leave for other hotels because of Yaya Jammeh and his group of bandits who have created an atmosphere of chaos and lawlessness that promises to be a permanent blemish on the image of The Gambia.

One such lawless individual is Pierre Minteh who was called in for questioning yesterday.  Today he's been declared person non grata by the U.S. government.  He will probably board Yaya Jammeh's plane on Saturday, August 9th  for Banjul - good riddance.  In America, the rule of law prevails over any living human being.

The rest of the NIA agents still cooped up in the hotel in the company of Yaya Jammeh will be dealt with as soon as the police investigations are have been completed.   Those who are suspected of assaulting Fatou Camara, Sam Phatey, Pa Samba Jow and Ousainou Mbenga will be appropriately charged and tried.

Yaya Jammeh is immune from prosecution which saved him from prosecution because, according to reports, eye witnesses who where in the hotel lobby over-heard Jammeh instructing his security men to go after Fatou Camara and others. He was the instigator of the violent spree that took place around the Hay Adams Hotel that will never accept Jammeh or members of his regime as guests.

What has transpired in Washington DC over the last several days is nothing short of a national disgrace. Yaya Jammeh should be ashamed of himself for bringing more shame and disrepute to a Gambia that was once the bastion of African democracy and the rule of law - a country that Jammeh has transformed into one of the least respected regimes in the world, along the rank of North Korea.

Update :  It is now being reported that Jammeh has left and he's on his way to Banjul.  As we have reported yesterday, his initial date of departure was scheduled for today.  On Tuesday, the indicated to authorities that they will leave Saturday 9th August.  It is now evident that the change in departure date was a ploy to throw protesters off or Jammeh was advised to depart as scheduled to avoid further chaos.  

As we speak, we have learn that Pierre Minteh is in his office.  What we have is a regime that governs by secrecy, the most opaque regime on earth.  This is obviously a developing story.