Thursday, August 21, 2014


Gambian dictator Jammeh
President of IFAD
As the President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) starts his two-day official visit to The Gambia,  it is only appropriate to bring to the notice of Dr. Kanayo Nwanze and the other development partners the plight of 17 women arrested on 21st July in their fields while cultivating rice in Mbayen, Niamina East in the Central Region of the country.

According to the police commissioner of the jurisdiction, the women were arrested for breaching the order of the district tribunal by planting beyond the boundary demarcated by the tribunal.

The 17 women farmers arrested were : Haddy Mbaye, Fatou Mbaye, Fanta Mbye, Jarra Mbye, Rouhiatou Mbye, Ramaata Mbye, Awa Ceesay,  Jay Mbye, Jainaba Jeng, Huja Mbye, Ada Ceesay, Guma Mbye, Sohna Mbye, Yassin Boye, Aramatta Mbye, Chibu Mbye and Jay Ceesay.

These arrests took place during the holy month of Ramadan, and for this reason 5 of the 17 women were released to allow them to go prepare Iftar for the husbands.  However, there was a catch, the husbands had to trade place with their wives behind bars.  The treatment of these women is both demeaning and medieval, only in Yaya Jammeh's Gambia.that such a ridiculous abuse of power can take place.

IFAD's main mission is focused on small holder agriculture, with women and youth as the main target groups., the very groups that are the victims of the Gambian dictatorships.  Their labor is regularly exploited by using it in Jammeh-owned farms across the country.

We hope the plights of these 17 hard working women farmers are brought to the attention of Yaya Jammeh by the IFAD Mission to The Gambia in addition to the Agriculture 10 who were dismissed and charged under the most suspicious of circumstances.