Saturday, July 2, 2016

Jammeh's plane develops mechanical trouble midair

Jammeh's Russian-made Ilyushin aircraft developed mechanical trouble midair while on a test run, according to our sources in Banjul.

The aging aircraft had just returned from routine maintenance in France a couple of weeks ago and was being prepared to take the dictator's jet-setting wife on a trip to Mecca when the plane's air conditioning system gave way.

The mechanical fault caused panic in the cabin because the pilot's "nearly suffocated" according to the source who said that the "pilot and co-pilot were lucky that they were not far into the flight, otherwise they would have died."

Jammeh had to lease an aircraft from Dubai which arrived yesterday to take the dictator's jet-setting wife Zainab Jammeh to Mecca at Gambian tax payer's expense.  The ill-fated flight was to have transported Zainab that same day.  As a result of the mechanical trouble, her trip was delayed until yesterday.  

Reports have been reaching us for several weeks now that the aircraft has been shuttling between Banjul and Addis Ababa laden with Ethiopian prostitutes to entertain the Gambian dictator in his home village of Kanilai.  The Gambian Embassy in Addis Ababa has been very busy lately in recruiting these comfort women for the new craze that has engulf the passion of the Gambian dictator.