Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dubai's March Petroleum is real and legitimate

The Leading company in Oil and Refined Products Trading in the Middle East based in Dubai. 
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During his Koriteh speech to a collection of Banjul Elders, Mullahs and members of cabinet, Yaya Jammeh went at length to justify his decision to accuse a total of thirty-seven senior government officials, ten of whom have been accused of "economic crimes" resulting from the procurement of petroleum and petroleum products from a Dubai-based company named March Petroleum.

In his long and winding speech, the Gambian dictator contradicted himself on numerous times and on occasions has actually incriminated himself by admitting that he had given the green light to his former Minister of Petroleum and the Board of Directors of the Gambia National Petroleum Company Ltd. (GNPC Co. Ltd) to proceed with the procurement contract with March Petroleum of Dubai.

It must be noted that GNPC Co. Ltd. became Gambia National Petroleum Corporation in 2015 when the petroleum sector was "nationalized".  For the transformation of GNPC Co. Ltd., see the series of blogs here, here, here and here.

Jammeh claimed that March Petroleum was a shell, bogus company because "he couldn't find it anywhere in the internet."  He tried googling it and searched YouTube without success which led him to the conclusion that the company did not exist.  It didn't take someone who commented on my Facebook page that it didn't take him "3 seconds" to locate March Petroleum on the internet the link you can find here.

March Petroleum is a real and legitimate company by all measures.  It is registered in Dubai, UAE with a website, contact telephone numbers and an email address. We have, therefore, written to the company to inform the management of Yaya Jammeh's claim that he was unable to locate the company website which led him to falsely claim that March Petroleum is a bogus company that exists only in the imagination of his former Petroleum minister and senior Gambian officials.