Monday, July 25, 2016

Gambia's presidential aircraft linked to international arms trafficking, AGAIN

Cars owned by Polish guntrafficker
Spanish police arresting suspects 
Yaya Jammeh escaped international indictment by the skin of his teeth over a decade ago following the close of the Liberian and Sierra Leone civil wars when he agreed with investigators and the prosecution team of the Sierra Leone Special Court  to denounce his friend Charles Taylor and publicly support his extradition from Nigeria.

The Gambian dictator was the only head of state in the region willing to speak out against Charles Taylor in 2005 which provided the cover needed for international authorities to move in on Jammeh's former friend and close collaborator.
Jammeh's presidential aircraft

His multi-functional Millennium presidential aircraft doubled as military transport plane, ferrying arms and blood diamonds across the region and Europe.  The role that the late Baba Kajali Jobe who was Qaddafi's close friend, Jammeh's youth mobilizer and founder of the 'Green Boys' played in managing the Millennium.

The Russian-made aircraft was traced to the notorious Russian international arms trafficker named Victor Bout currently serving a 35-year jail sentence in the United States for conspiracy to kill U.S citizens and officials, transporting anti aircraft weapons and aiding terror organizations.

Given Jammeh's international intrigues and dubious business activities that involve notorious arms traffickers and dealers in blood diamonds during the Liberian and Sierra Leone civil wars, it did not come as a surprise when Spanish police announced the arrest in the Balearic Island of Ibiza of a billionaire Polish national for trafficking in dangerous arms and extortion.

The unnamed Polish man claimed to be a diplomat from Guinea-Bissau and thus his island residence is covered by diplomatic immunity.  It is also alleged that he used Yaya Jammeh's presidential aircraft to transport military grade weapons to the troubled South Sudan.  The unnamed man is one of nine others arrested at his home by Spanish police investigating illegal military weapons that include military tanks and rocket launchers.

Our sources are telling us that the Gambian Embassy in Guinea-Bissau is the epicenter of this story and Gambia's semi-literate Ambassador Abdou Jarju a principal actor in this developing story.

Developing story ......