Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jammeh continues to be contemptuous of Gambians

Sidi Sanneh 
After skipping the ceremonial opening of the new legislative session of Parliament, the regime of Yaya Jammeh has still not offered an official explanation of his "no show", an historic first, or offer an apology to the numerous foreign diplomats and local dignitaries.  Instead, he appeared to have rode back to his home village of Kanilai at nightfall without explanation.

Jammeh's lack of respect for Gambians is on regular display.  His disgraceful absence, without explanation or apology, from the State Opening of Parliament which ended up being "postponed" is one more example of his contempt for Gambians as well as for his foreign guests.

The only announcement to the guests came in the form of a verbal announcement from the Speaker of the National Assembly that the ceremonies were being postponed until further notice before asking the dignitaries to disperse.

Parliamentarians of both sides of the isle were visibly embarrassed and as one of them put it "it was the most embarrassing event I have ever expressed as a National Assembly Member."  Another described the experience as "disgraceful." Some attendees were visibly shocked.

Neither Speaker Bojang nor the Majority Leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta issued a statement explaining why Yaya Jammeh was unable to attend the ceremony after spending millions of dalasis. More puzzling was why was his Vice President not asked to deputize for him.

Instead, Gambians and the diplomatic community will most probably be treated to yet another hyperbolic presentation by the regime's spin doctor cum Information Minister who is fast becoming Gambia's version of Baghdad Bob for his entertainingly bombastic lexicon who routinely explains away Jammeh's increasingly bizarre behavior.