Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Is Jammeh bribing National Assembly Members to avoid being impeached?

Gambian dictator Jammeh 

Jammeh's unexplained absence from the State Opening of Parliament ceremonies last week, leaving many attendees perplexed and in limbo for hours, left many members of the National Assembly from both sides of the isle frustrated and embarrassed.  His absence was described by a Member of Parliament as "embarrassing and a disgrace."

The fact that it was the first time such an auspicious event, the biggest and most important in the State calendar - after 18th February, Gambia's National Day - was not lost sight of.

And in the midst of the ensuing commotion, speculations abound as to the reason or reasons for Jammeh's absence that ranged from acute diarrhea attack, to a spate with First Lady to Jammeh being disappointed at the low turn-out at the event which has always been used as a propaganda political point-scoring event.

Whatever the real reason, the bad publicity in the midst of an election year and when everything that can go wrong for the regime is going south - ranging from shortages of food and electricity, border closures, high-priced basic food items, high unemployment and a contracting economy.

Gambian's have finally grown tired of a vile, corrupt, incompetent and brutal dictatorship that has lasted for 22 years, and has shown little in the form of economic progress for its 2 million inhabitants, except unfulfilled promises, including but not limited to transforming The Gambia into the Dubai of Africa and to make the country rice self-sufficient by 2016.  All of these promises were, of course, pipe dreams concocted for the consumption of the gullible, the sycophant and the illiterate.

Gambians have finally come to the realization that the regime of Yaya Jammeh, led by a group of illiterates and incompetent sycophants, has always relied on and deception to hold on to power.  The increased awareness of the general public has resulted in the corresponding reduction in what is known known as 'the fear factor'.  People are less afraid to speak their minds on online radios, on street corners and marketplaces.  The police state itself is in the process of disintegrating.

Enters the National Assembly that was once considered, and to some extent, it, still, is a rubber stamp institution but there are indications that members are increasingly disgruntled and unhappy about the manner in which the country is being governed.  Some Members of the ruling party are speaking private against the dictator - about how he's become engrossed in his own personal interest and welfare at the expense of the National Interest.

Sensing the shift in the mood of the National Assembly and following his "no-show" at the State Opening of Parliament, we called for Jammeh's impeachment as provided for in Section 66 of the Constitution for reason of infirmity of the mind.  Jammeh has been physically ill for sometime now and his mental health has suffered in the recent past.  

Not wanting to leave anything to chance, Jammeh has decided to "give" D 700,000 (equivalent to roughly $ 14,000) to the APRC Members of Parliament towards the cost of the preparation of the rescheduled State Opening which will now take place this Thursday.  The award ceremony was conducted by the Vice President - the 'bag lady' for Jammeh - and the cash received by Speaker Bojang and Majority Leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta which they will share among themselves.  Jammeh is hoping that the bribe money will calm the nerves of an increasingly disgruntled members of parliament of Jammeh's own party.