Thursday, March 17, 2016

Gambia's First Lady is at the disputed territory of Western Sahara to solicite funds for her Foundation

Mrs. Zainab Jammeh 

Gambia's First Lady, Zainab Suma Jammeh is at the Crans Montana Forum in the disputed territory of Western Sahara, purportedly to solicit funds for a recently-form Cancer Foundation and her other Foundations.

The Forum is being held at the city of Dahkla in the disputed territory of Western Sahara which has been dubbed at Africa's last colony.

Both Morocco and Mauritania claim ownership of the territory that has been since extended membership by the African Union and numerous African and Asian countries.

Crans Montana is a Swiss International Organization, according to its Linked In page, that took its
name from the town it was formed in the mid-80s.  Form its promotional brochures, the  organization is "committed to a more humane world through international cooperation and contributes to global growth while ensuring a high level of stability, equity and security."

First Lady Suma Jammeh flew in from Dubai yesterday to canvass the well-healed patrons of the event that includes King Mohammed VI of Morocco which he officiated today.  It is unclear if Mrs. Jammeh will stay for the entire 6-day affair.

Our sources tell us she is accompanied by Lali Diab, and probably Mrs. Fatou Mass Jobe, the Executive Secretary of the Foundation and Tarik Musa, a former business associate who had fallen out with the unstable of Gambian dictator.  The Forum's theme this year is Africa and South-South Cooperation.

If the purpose of the trip which is financed by Gambian taxpayers is to solicit funds for her Foundation, she is expected to account for every dollar donated in the name of the Gambian people.

This trip, like most of her foreign trips, is kept under wraps because of the controversial nature of the history of Western Sahara which is a disputed territory and for this reason it is a no-go area for many political and cultural figures.