Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chaos at the border: Photo editorial

The indiscriminate and unilateral use of tariff hike with such frequency by Yaya Jammeh, the idiosyncratic Gambian dictator has obviously irked the Senegalese authorities who have signaled their disgust at the 1,000% increase in the tariff for trucks using the SeneGambia highway that traverses The Gambia.

If statements by Alasane Ndoye, former Secretary General of the powerful Senegalese Transport Union and other officials are anything to go by, Yaya Jammeh must brace himself for a very long and extended period when the borders will remain closed.  The Gambian economy is beginning to show signs of  distress with a precipitous drop in revenue collection.

Shops, stalls, fruit farmers and vendors on the Gambian side of the border have closed or lack customers since the closure.  Jammeh must explain to them the reason for the closure and what his regime is doing to address a situation that he created.