Sunday, November 15, 2015

Yaya Jammeh is "a crazy criminal, a killer and a thief who must be stopped", says Macky Sall's Special Adviser

Macky Sall and Yaya Jammeh 
In an apparent official response to Yaya Jammeh's recent criticism of the president of Senegal, referring him recently as a hypocrite, a rat and a puppet of France, Matar Diop, Special Adviser to Macky Sall, has responded by referring to Jammeh as a criminal and a fool. is quoting Mr. Diop who is Special Adviser in the Office of the Senegalese Presidency as saying that "Macky Sall has no lessen to learn from this criminal named Yaya Jammeh."

The website suggested that the virulent attack of the Senegalese president by the Gambian dictator was not to the liking of Jammeh's supporters and members of his political party.

Mr. Matar Diop further quoted as saying both the Senegalese public and all observers of "this crazy Yaya Jammeh" who were keenly following Jammeh's recent equally stupid and inappropriate declarations must have been taken by surprise. concluded by quoting Mr. Diop that it is his opinion that " Macky Sall has an obligation to stop the Gambian president." and that "Yaya Jammeh has not only offended Macky Sall but the entire Senegalese people."  "And fortunately", the statement continues, "Macky Sall has no lesson to learn from a criminal like Yaya Jammeh who kills and steals when he feels like it in his country."