Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Morocco denies Jammeh entry for medical treatment, while Saudi Arabia approves

The Gambian dictator 
The Gambian dictator's health has become a major source of concern for both his Syrian and Moroccan doctors who have been frantically working around the clock to keep their patient comfortable.

It is also being reported that the Moroccan doctors have taken full charge of Jammeh's care with the Syrians taking a supporting role.  Reasons for the change is still unclear but the possibility exists that Zeinab Jammeh may have a hand in the change. Jammeh's tour of the provinces was interrupted for several days in Basse as a result of a series of medical conditions that will require him to travel abroad for further treatment.

Official arrangements for Jammeh to seek medical treatment abroad suffered a set-back when his first choice of Morocco was unsuccessful.  However, Saudi Arabia stepped in to grant him a visa for medical treatment but cannot depart until he sort out the vexing problem of who will be in charge while he is away.

According to our sources, Jammeh was denied an entry visa to Morocco in spite of his status and the fact that he's married to a Moroccan.  When the question was posed to a former Gambian diplomat as to the possible reason or reasons for the humiliating treatment of the Gambian dictator, she responded by suggesting that Jammeh has become more of a liability because of his "international pariah status" and "his recent spat with Senegal, one of Morocco's closest ally - a very special relationship between the two countries - will not help Jammeh."

Jammeh has limited options available to him because he has decided that going to the West for medical treatment would be risky because of his unpopularity in Europe and the United States.  He has told associates that he doesn't trust the West with his health, despite the fact that he was in France for medical treatment in January of 2014.

Saudi's decision to grant Jammeh visa for medical treatment did not come as a surprise.  Many African leaders have sought not only medical treatment in Saudi Arabia ( Umaru Yar'Adua and Meles Zenawi) but also political asylum such as Adi Amin Dada.