Wednesday, November 25, 2015

33 youthful environmentalists sent to Mile II Prisons after bail denial by Magistrate Hilary Abeke

Magistrate Hilary Utebe Abeke
Following our blog post of Nov. 23 on the arrests of dozens of protesting youths from the village of Kartong and the partial list of those arrested after a compound to compound search by the security agents of the dictatorship, several more arrests village folks were made.  The exact amount is unknown as police continue their dragnet.

According to reports, however, approximately thirty three young protesters have been arraigned before Senior Magistrate Hilary Utebe Abeke who quickly denied them bail and subsequently remanded in jail at the notorious Mile II prisons.

According to eye witnesses who were among the three hundred villagers and supporters of the protesters who attended the court proceedings, some of the protesters displayed visible marks to their bodies suggesting that they have been tortured.

We intend to continue to report on this developing story......