Monday, November 23, 2015

Partial list of 46 Kartong youth in police custody

Protesting Kartong youths 
Listed below are those arrested and known to be in the custody of the police at the Burusubi Station. We learned that an additional 20 have been arrested which brings the total to 46.  We will bring you their names as and when we have then. Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor the situation by keeping track of all the young men and woman under custody for protesting against the destruction of their environment.
1. Buba Bojang
2. Omar Manneh
3. Lamin Jatta 
4. Famara Jatta
5. Ousman Jabang
6. Buba Manneh
7. Yama Jarju
8. Jerreh Manneh
9. Baba Ceesay
10. Abdoulaie Touray
11. James Gibba
12. Malang Jaiteh
13. Lamin Jaiteh
14. Muhammed Jabang
15. Bakary Jammeh
16. Abdou Jallow
17. Tuti Jaiteh (only female)
18. Habib Touray
19. Pa Jarju
20. Ousman Jatta
21. Solo Manneh
22. Amadou Jarju
23. Modou Kuto Manneh
24. Jerreh Touray
25. Buba Jabang
26. Omar Jabang