Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The deliberate humiliation of the EU Ambassador to The Gambia by Yaya Jammeh

EU Ambassador presenting letters to Foreign Minister
Joaquin Gonzalez-Ducay, EU Ambassador presenting letters 

Joaquin Gonzalez-Ducay, the new European Union Ambassador to Senegal and The Gambia is shown above presenting his letter of credence to President Macky Sall (left photo) last February, and to Gambia's Foreign Minister who was standing in for dictator Yaya Jammeh who had refused since February to receive the new EU Ambassador.

The uncivilized manner in which EU Ambassador Gonzalez-Ducay was treated by Yaya Jammeh, not to speak of the EU Charge d'Affaires who was expelled from The Gambia, is further manifestation on that the regime does not represent the good people of the Gambian who treat their guests with pride and dignity.  Jammeh and his ilk are un-Gambian which is one more reason why we will do everything possible to rid Gambia of the cancer.

That said, the European Union, being the single largest development partner must take firmer steps in the disbursement sphere to deny the Jammeh regime the development funds, particularly in the area of road infrastructure most of which is financed by the European Union, until such time that the 17-point demands are met.

The Special Rapporteur Report on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions scheduled for presentation at the UN Human Rights Council should shine further light on the deplorable human rights record of the Jammeh administration that will add to a long list of human rights abuses of a sinister regime outlined in the EU's 17-point demands.